Monday, November 5, 2012

2 months here

My main fac.. Faculte des Sciences

Carte Etudiant..

Wanted person..

A fast view of my work par l'RMN..

Muka tak boleh blah!!

Salam semua..Alhamdullilah, it has been 2 months already i'm in France.. So far, i'm getting used to all situations which i faced earlier..Being adapt to these new environment, taking care of my work and of course enjoying the 'strange' weather at Nancy..

Most of my official documents (carte de residue, visite medicale, inscription pour PhD) has been completed. Well, dealing with the French people who can't speak 'Anglais' really tease ur patient, so what i did is just do what ever i can do (i settling all alone by myself; sadly) by trying to communicate with them using broken French (thanks to Google Tranduction) and search the place (to submit or to make a rendez vous) on Google Map. So, i'm really indebt with Google which later i should mention it on my thesis acknowledgement (haha)..

Back to the reality life, so far my works going fine as planned. But i should remind myself by not doing all work in the same time like a robot, but clarify one by one, piece by piece so that i wouldn't suffer any pressure or mental disturbance while doing work.

And yes, my wife is coming in this weekend (really can't wait for that). At least she can make me happy while being in France..

p/s: boss nak datang next week for colloquium..

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